Chapter 252

Oshkosh, WI - The Steve Wittman Chapter

Spirit of Elo Award

A special once in a lifetime “Spirit of Elo” award was created by the Chapter Directors. Munsil Williams. Munsil is our weekly genial host at his open house airstrip and hangar in Elo, Wisconsin (a suburb of Pickett).

For many years, Munsil and his late wife Shirley provided a very simple concept of having aviation people gather at what we fondly call “Elo International Airstrip” on Saturday mornings. No chairmen, no committees. Just gather. The coffee is on, the sweet rolls appear with the attendees.  Spouses, kids, grandma, and friends simply arrive – some by plane, most by car. By 11:30 or so, most are gone. All carry some of the warmth of “the Spirit of Elo” away with them.

An annual Christmas party, often a fall corn roast, and other activities take place at Elo. Munsil is always there when he is needed. Munsil carries on the tradition today.

The following members of EAA Chapter 252 have been recognized:

2004  Munsil Williams

2005  Norm Peterson

2006  Gene Chase

2007  Doc Mosher

2008  Jim Casper

2009  Audrey Poberezny

2010  George Rotter

2011  Bill Brennand

2012  Paul Poberezny

2013  John Monnett

2014  Lon Nanke

2015  Randy Novak

2016 Fred Stadler 

2017 Wayne Daniels 

2018 Doug Milius

2019 Charlie Becker 

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