Chapter 252

Oshkosh, WI - The Steve Wittman Chapter


Dennis Moehn's CH750

Gary Bacon's RV-7A, and Eric Abraham, chief helper on the left.  Signed off and waiting for the first flight.

Chuck Lukas and his gyrocopter.

Owen Russell's Sonex.

Sonex Built by the Team of EAA employees Mark Forss, Barry Elk, Charlie Becker & Joe Norris.

J.T. Meidl's Rans S-7 On Amphibious Floats

Steve Kelly's Beechcraft Debonair

Jim Streblow's RV-12.

Carl Eichenauer's Challenger II

Loren Larsen's Cessna 150L

Wayne Daniels & Gene Chase with Wayne's Sonex

Dennis Moehn's Cessna 172

Gary Geisler's Piper Sport Cruiser

Doug Osterberg and his Bellanca Super Viking, with a Load of Young Eagle Passengers

Joe Norris' Waco UPF-7

Randy Novak's Starduster Too



Chapter members and Justin Spence's CA-65 Skyfly

Brian Lee's 1969 Cessna 310, 1962 C-150 & 1968 Piper Arrow

 Note:  Brian lives most of the year in the Pacific Northwest so you'll have to make a trip to see these aircraft in person.


Chuck Burtch's Champ

Mike Butler's Cub, Winter Flying & Rigged For Summer

                           MEMBERS PROJECTS

Charlie Becker's Cub replica's (Pirate Cubs) - scratch building a clone of the classic Super Cub.  Of course, it won't be exactly the same, but close.


Chris Ott's New Fairchild PT-19 Aquisition Now disassembled with some work required.

Lyle Forsgren's Various Aircraft-Built & Under Construction

 Lyle and his RV-6

Vans RV-12


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